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HOM2200BB Homeline High Amp Circuit Breaker

The Homeline High Amp Circuit Breaker range extends the top end of the Homeline Branch Circuit Breaker product line. Single-phase high amperage loads can now be fed without the need to use the combination of a sub-feed lug and a separately mounted circuit breaker. This extended product line also includes a new sub-feed lug rated at 225 A.The addition of the Homeline High Amp Circuit Breaker expands the 2-pole Homeline circuit breaker offering to 150, 175 and 200 A for use in single-phase load centers products.Plug-on construction allows the installation of larger circuits within the load center without requiring a separately mounted enclosure and circuit breaker.


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Part Numbers hom2150bb, hom2175bb, hom2200bb, homl2225
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Created 01-30-2004 11:01:42
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