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PJL36120CU31A PJ1200 with Standard Trip Unit

PowerPact P-frame with Standard TU


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Type Photo
ID 090089268050e57a
Characteristics 0 x 0 @ 300dpi,
Hi-res File Size 1.88 MB
Category Product
Part Numbers PGL36100CU31A, PGL36100CU33A, PGL36100U31A, PGL36100U33A, PGL36120CU31A, PGL36120CU33A, PGL36120U31A, PGL36120U33A, PGL36120U63AE1, PGL36120U64AE1, PJL36100CU31A, PJL36100CU33A, PJL36100U31A, PJL36100U33A, PJL36120CU31A, PJL36120CU33A, PJL36120U31A, PJL36120U33A
Keywords p-frame, 1200 amp frame, circuit breaker, powerpact
Created 03-31-2009 12:03:17
Modified 04-26-2012 06:04:38

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