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8501KP12P14V20 Plug-In Relay

Plug-In Relay , Type: KP, UL Listed File Number E197072 CCN NRNT2 - CSA Certified File Number 212845 Class 321107 - CE Marked, Designed for multipole switching applications at 240 volts or lower, Coil Voltage: 120VAC@50-60Hz, 1-Phase, 10A


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Part Numbers 8501KP12P14V20
Keywords In, Relay, Type, KP, UL, Listed, File, Number, E197072, CCN, NRNT2, CSA, Certified, 212845, Class, 321107, CE, Marked, Designed, for, multipole, switching, applications, at, 240, volts, or, lower, Coil, Voltage, 120VAC@50, 60Hz, 1, Phase, 10A, Plug
Created 11-09-2009 01:11:35
Modified 09-17-2010 10:09:01

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